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Wellpoint Dewatering

Wellpoint Dewatering, also known as spear point dewatering, is a technique used for lowering the groundwater table so that safe excavation can be carried out in a dry environment. A wellpoint dewatering system would typically be installed prior to excavation commencing and involves a series of 40 to 50mm wellpoints, in varying lengths, installed around the perimeter or adjacent to the area to be excavated.

The wellpoints are connected to a header pipe via transparent flexible hoses, commonly known as swingarms.  The main header pipe is then connected to the suction side of a dewatering pumpset.  Most often the dewatering pumpset would be a piston style pump, due to its’ excellent air-handling capacity and very low fuel consumption.

The water is then pumped through a treatment plant, primarily to reduce sediment and turbidity levels.  In instances where groundwater is impacted by the presence of acid sulphate soils, pollution or other factors, the pH can be corrected and other contaminants removed and/or treated as necessary to ensure compliance with environmental regulations, before being discharged to the local stormwater network,  trade waste or via infiltration basin.

Wellpoint dewatering is most commonly used in the construction phase for basement excavation, pumpstation, bridge piers, abutments, pits, underground utilities, etc.

All NEW Pinnacle Drilling & Jetting Rig – COMING SOON!

These new rigs are custom-designed and engineered for installation of wellpoint spears, allowing the holes to be drilled and flushed concurrently, with the one machine in a single pass.  The Pinnacle Rig puts safety at the forefront of the works, by removing the industry ‘accepted’ risk of having operators right beside/under the suspended load of the jetting tube.  This achieved through unit being radio-remote controlled, meaning the operator can keep well clear during operation.

It is also a very compact machine, making suitable for sites where access is a challenge and it can be easily craned into basement excavations, weighing only 2400kg!

Pinnacle Hire Dewatering Wellpointing

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