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Senior Dewatering Engineer

Paul brings extensive dewatering expertise and a strategic vision for growth to his role as a Senior Dewatering Engineer. His proven ability to deliver projects ensures targets are consistently met and exceeded. Paul's leadership fosters a culture of collaboration and innovation within the dewatering team.

Regional Leader - QLD

Rohan Irving stands at the helm as a Regional Leader, steering the company's regional efforts towards remarkable growth and development. His strategic vision and exceptional leadership skills enable him to drive his team towards achieving outstanding results. With Rohan's guidance, the region thrives on innovation, collaboration, and operational excellence, setting new benchmarks in the industry.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

With a keen eye for detail and a passion for machinery, Stuart is an integral part of the Pinnacle Hire QLD team. As our Plant & Equipment Mechanic, Stuart ensures that our advanced dewatering, pumping, and water treatment systems are always in top-notch condition, ready to support construction and maintenance projects across Queensland.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

We are excited to welcome Sajid, our newest Plant & Equipment Mechanic at Pinnacle Hire! With his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience, Sajid is already making a significant impact in maintaining and optimizing our advanced dewatering, pumping, and water treatment systems.

Regional Leader - Western Australia

Craig has extensive experience in the pump hire industry and is Pinnacle Hire's Regional Leader for Western Australia. His wealth of knowledge extends across projects for mine sites, civil works, as well as building sites.

Chief Operating Officer

Glen Reiner, as Chief Operating Officer, commands the operational strategy of the company, leading with a visionary approach and driving efficiency across all business processes.

National Operations Lead

Arlyn stands at the forefront as the Operations, Australiawide exemplifying leadership that drives all regions toward operational excellence. His adept coordination and management skills ensure the seamless integration of inter-state projects, and his strategic planning is crucial in achieving ambitious targets. With Arlyn's guidance, the operations in Australia are models of efficiency and effectiveness.

Major Projects Executive

Jim is passionate about all things pumping, he's dedicated to develop a superior customer experience by providing the right mix of equipment and backup service. Jim shares his vast technical knowledge with the team, helping Pinnacle to get further faster.

Senior Dewatering Engineer

Hadleigh has over 25 years experience in the pump industry and is Pinnacle Hire's Victorian Branch, Senior Dewatering Engineer. His wealth of expertise is second to none, whether you are dewatering a building site, civil works or quarry.

Project Engineer

Ollie brings innovative solutions and sharp engineering skills to the table, contributing to the meticulous planning and execution of projects.

Marketing Coordinator

Philipp Jansen serves as the Marketing Coordinator with a dynamic approach to managing the Pinnacle brand across Australia. His expertise in crafting compelling marketing campaigns and his keen understanding of the market trends have elevated the company's presence nationwide. Philipp's strategic initiatives and innovative ideas continually enhance brand visibility and engagement, driving Pinnacle's marketing success forward.

Operations Coordinator – VIC

Ahmed is Pinnacle Victoria's Operations Coordinator – VIC, he keeps things running smoothly behind the scenes, ensuring all the necessary paperwork is completed and customer details are up-to-date. He is also overseeing the coordination of all on-hires, off-hires, purchasing and freight in Victoria.

Sales Support

Gordon provided experienced advice and helps new customers navigate often complex and challenging dewatering and water treatment challenges.

Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Experienced and friendly to deal with, Abbey is our specialist Accounts Receivable Coordinator. She also assist new customers setup accounts and provides all the information required about Pinnacle's terms of trade.

Crane Truck Operator

We know that on time delivery of important hire equipment to your site is crucial to project success. Scott is responsible for operating the Pinnacle crane truck, ensuring deliveries are made in the safest and reliable manner.

Senior Dewatering Engineer

Chris joined the Pinnacle Hire team in August 2021 as our 4th team member, bringing his expertise as a Plant & Equipment Mechanic. But Chris's talents extended beyond the workshop. He impressed everyone with his ability to build strong relationships with customers onsite, always prioritizing their needs. Chris now works full-time alongside Jim and Hadleigh, focusing on maintaining and expanding Pinnacle Hire's market share throughout Victoria.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Danny is talented member of the Pinnacle Victoria Mechanics Team, looking after the maintenance of pumps and water treatment equipment, making sure they are in prime condition and ready for hire.

Auto Electrical Coordinator

Joe is an experienced auto electrician and a talented member of the Pinnacle Victoria Team. He looks after the electrical maintenance of our vehicle and pumpset equipment fleet, enuring they remain in top condition and ready for action.

Branch Yardman

Tony is one of Pinnacle's quiet achievers, taking responsibility for the maintenance of storage yards and related facilities, along with the downloading, cleaning and refuelling of all returning hire equipment to our Victorian branch. Tony works tirelessly to ensure all equipment can be efficiently processed and readied for mechanical checks, prior to re-hire.

Dewatering Technician

Jon is a dedicated Dewatering Technician known for his practical skills and problem-solving abilities. He works tirelessly to manage groundwater and surface water in construction and mining sites, guaranteeing the stability and safety of these environments. Jon's precision and hands-on approach are indispensable to successful dewatering operations.

Operations Manager - WA

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Bernon brings his mechanical expertise to the forefront as a Plant & Equipment Mechanic, ensuring that all machinery operates at peak performance for uninterrupted workflow.

Dewatering Technician

Connor is a proficient Dewatering Technician in Western Australia, whose skills contribute significantly to managing water control with precision and care.

Mining and Major Projects Manager – WA

Jack manages mining and major projects in Western Australia, with a strategic approach that ensures the safe and successful delivery of critical initiatives.

Dewatering Technician

Kays brings a sharp technical acumen as a Dewatering Technician, ensuring effective water management strategies are implemented on site.

Project Engineer

Lee applies his engineering expertise to lead projects from design to completion, ensuring technical excellence and innovation.

Business Development

Mark drives business growth with his strategic development skills, identifying opportunities and fostering relationships that expand Pinnacle’s reach and impact.

Technical Support Manager

Mitch provides unparalleled technical support, ensuring all teams have the guidance and resources necessary to maintain the company’s high standards of operational integrity.

National HSEQ Manager

Robert upholds the highest standards in health, safety, environmental, and quality management, ensuring compliance and best practices across the board.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Sam is a diligent Plant & Equipment Mechanic whose contributions are fundamental to the longevity and reliability of the equipment fleet.

Dewatering Technician

Taylon excels as a Dewatering Technician, focusing on effective water displacement strategies that are essential for safe and efficient site operations.

Branch Administrator - WA

Tiarna ensures that all administrative functions are managed with a high level of professionalism and efficiency, supporting the region's operational needs.

Trades Assistant

Dewatering Technician

Senior Dewatering Engineer

Myles is a highly professional and experienced Senior Dewatering Engineer based in Perth. He provides our WA customers dewatering and water treatment advice, particularly for the mining, infrastructure and construction industries.

Operations Coordinator

With an extensive background in the construction and engineering industries, Duy coordinates project staff for the WA Pinnacle Hire team. His highly organised approach and attention to detail, ensures all equipment arrives on site, on time, and in optimum operational condition.


Group Financial Controller

Suranda Amukotuwa safeguards the financial integrity and strategic financial planning of the company, playing a crucial role in its fiscal management and growth.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Steve Ramsay, recognized for his exceptional skill in maintaining and repairing a wide range of essential machinery, contributing to the uninterrupted flow of operations.

Workshop Manager - VIC

Rhys Males manages the Victorian workshop with an emphasis on precision and productivity, ensuring that all equipment is maintained to the highest standards.

Payroll Coordinator

Katie Salisbury, as Payroll Coordinator, ensures that all employees are remunerated accurately and on time, which is vital for maintaining high team morale and operational efficiency.

Dewatering Technician

Josh Backshall contributes significantly to the control and redirection of water on site, which is essential for the safe progression of projects.

Water Treatment Technician

Jake's expertise ensures the provision of clean and safe water. His role is pivotal in maintaining public health standards through effective water treatment.

Operations Assistant

Darcy Gilles provides steadfast support as an Operations Assistant, facilitating the smooth execution of daily activities. His attention to detail and proactive assistance are key to operational success.

Project Supervisor

Dan's a valuable asset to our team! Since joining us in 2023, he's consistently impressed everyone with his exceptional leadership skills on-site. Dan has a proven track record of overseeing projects from their initial stages right through to successful completion, all while prioritizing safety and adhering to timeframes.

Operations Coordinator - QLD

Cameron Eade operates as the Operations Coordinator for Queensland, orchestrating project components with finesse. His role is essential in aligning resources with the operational demands of the region. Cameron's strategic planning abilities and his commitment to operational excellence are the drivers of project successes in QLD.

Senior Dewatering Engineer

Travis Loors stands out as a Senior Dewatering Engineer, known for his technical acumen and forward-thinking approach. His contributions to the field of dewatering technology have consistently improved project outcomes, and his commitment to excellence sets a high standard within the engineering team.

Operations Coordinator - FNQ

Adam serves as the Operations Coordinator for Far North Queensland, where his strategic management skills ensure that all operations run like clockwork. His role is pivotal in synchronizing various project elements, enabling teams to meet their goals with efficiency and precision.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Peter is a highly skilled Plant & Equipment Mechanic, providing critical support to operations in Far North Queensland. His expertise in maintaining, diagnosing, and repairing a diverse range of equipment is essential to the smooth functioning of worksites. Peter’s diligence ensures that every piece of machinery is in optimal condition, contributing to the safety and productivity of the region's projects.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Jimmy Green brings a strong work ethic and precision to his role. His proficiency in managing routine checks and complex repairs is essential to the company's seamless operations. Jimmy’s commitment to machinery excellence plays a critical role in minimizing downtime and extending the life span of vital equipment.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Kevin Mawson is a Plant and Equipment Mechanic whose hands-on expertise ensures that all machinery operates at peak performance. His comprehensive knowledge of mechanical systems and ability to quickly diagnose and resolve issues are invaluable. Kevin’s dedication to maintaining and improving equipment functionality supports the backbone of operational efficiency.

Operations Coordinator - NT

Water Treatment Engineer

Ali excels as a Water Treatment Engineer, ensuring the safety and quality of water services. With a deep understanding of environmental regulations and water purification processes, Ali plays a pivotal role in maintaining vital water systems. His commitment to sustainability and public health is evident in every project he undertakes.

Dewatering Technician

Sergio is a skilled Dewatering Technician with a strong commitment to quality and efficiency. His ability to adapt to various site conditions and to operate sophisticated dewatering systems makes him a key asset. Sergio's thoroughness and proactive attitude ensure that dewatering processes are carried out flawlessly.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Sam, the Plant & Equipment Mechanic, is the backbone of maintenance operations. With his expert knowledge of machinery and a knack for quick diagnostics, Sam keeps all equipment in top condition, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity. His attention to detail and preventative maintenance protocols are vital to operational continuity.

Project Supervisor - QLD

Tim Cross excels as a Project Supervisor in Queensland, where his strategic oversight ensures that every project milestone is achieved on schedule. His ability to coordinate teams and resources effectively makes him an indispensable leader in complex project environments.

Senior Dewatering Engineer

Errol Irvine is recognized as a Senior Dewatering Engineer for his innovative solutions in water management. With a strong record of designing effective dewatering strategies, Errol's insights and guidance ensure the safe and efficient completion of projects, while also mentoring the next generation of engineers.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

Anuar Rambe, as a Plant & Equipment Mechanic, is instrumental in keeping machinery running smoothly. His proficiency in troubleshooting and repairing complex systems ensures minimal interruption to operations. Anuar's dedication to equipment health is a cornerstone of the company's success.

Dewatering Technician

Andrew Lamb brings expertise and dedication to the field of dewatering. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for solving complex water management challenges, Andrew ensures that projects run smoothly and efficiently.

Business Development Manager

Accounts Payable Coordinator

Bianca's our specialist Accounts Payable Coordinator, she ensures all incoming invoices match expectations and all payments are programed based on acceptable payment terms.

Operations Coordinator

Lenny oversees project logistics and coordinates project staff for the Tasmanian Pinnacle Hire team. His goal is to ensure custom projects run as smoothly and seamlessly as possible, with maximum performance and minimum fuss.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

With considerable experience in the equipment hire industry, Junmark brings his expertise to the Pinnacle WA maintenance team. Whether, working at home-base to ensure equipment is tuned between hires, or out in the field, keeping pumpsets operating in premium condition and providing customers operational advice.

Plant & Equipment Mechanic

John provides crucial mechanical maintenance on all our WA hire plant and equipment. He also provides support to customers with operational trouble-shooting advice, ensuring maximum equipment uptime and efficiency.

Senior Dewatering Engineer

With over 20 years of experience in the pump and water treatment industries, Scott is the 'go to guy' when planning your next project in NSW region. Scott provides customers the very best, cost-effective advice and support to achieve your project goals.