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Pinnacle Hire efficiently dredges 1200T of sludge in Tasmania. Safe, clean dewatering with geobags & polymer. #SewageSolutions

Tasmanian Sewage Treatment Plant Dredging Project

A Case Study in Efficiency and Sustainability

Pinnacle Hire Sewage Pond Dredge
The Challenge: Managing Massive Sludge Buildup

Many towns across Australia grapple with the challenge of maintaining efficient sewage treatment plants. In Tasmania, a particular plant faced a significant hurdle: a massive buildup of sludge within one of its wastewater ponds. This pond, spanning over 18,200 square meters, contained a staggering 1,200 tonnes of sludge. Traditional methods of sludge removal often prove costly, time-consuming, and disruptive to plant operations. This Tasmanian town needed a solution that was efficient, environmentally friendly, and minimized disruption to the sewage treatment process.

The Pinnacle Hire Solution: Innovation and Expertise

Pinnacle Hire, a leading provider of dredging and environmental solutions, rose to the challenge. Their approach centered around three key components:

  •  The Aggressor DR120 Dredge:
    This powerful, remote-controlled dredge boasts a submersible pump capable of processing a remarkable 80 liters per second. Its compact size made it ideal for navigating the intricate network of ponds within the treatment plant. The remote control functionality ensured operator safety in potentially hazardous environments with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas.
Pinnacle Hire Remote Controlled Dredge in Sewage Pond
  • Geobags for Efficient Dewatering:
    Pinnacle Hire deployed five 1,000 cubic meter geobags – innovative dewatering solutions that capture solids from the dredged material while allowing clean liquid to return to the pond.
Pinnacle Hire Geobags filled with sludge
Streamlining the Process: A Collaborative Approach

Pinnacle Hire’s commitment to efficiency extended beyond the core technologies. They provided an additional 250 meters of pipework, seamlessly connecting to the existing infrastructure. This extended reach allowed for streamlined transport of sludge over a 700-meter distance between the pond and the dewatering geobags.

Pinnacle Hire utilising existing infrastructure

This method eliminated the need for messy open-air drying, creating a confined footprint for dewatering.

The result? Cost-effective drying with minimal labor requirements, ensuring the smooth operation of the sewage treatment plant.

  • Polymer Dosing System for Enhanced Performance:
    To optimize the dewatering process and maximize solids capture, Pinnacle Hire implemented a sophisticated polymer dosing system. This system introduces a precise polymer emulsion that binds solids within the dredge waste, significantly improving the efficiency of solids captured by the geobags. The dosing unit ensures a continuous supply of the polymer emulsion, minimizing interruptions to dredging operations.
Pinnacle Hire Sewage Pond Geo Bags
A New Standard for Sewage Treatment Plant Management

The Tasmanian Sewage Treatment Plant Dredging Project serves as a model for efficient and sustainable sludge removal. Pinnacle Hire’s innovative solution delivered a range of benefits:

  • Efficient Sludge Removal and Dewatering: The Aggressor DR120 dredge, combined with the geobags and polymer dosing system, facilitated the efficient removal and dewatering of a massive amount of sludge.
  • Reduced Costs and Labor: The project significantly reduced labor requirements and minimized operational costs compared to traditional methods.
  • Safe Disposal and Reuse: The dewatered sludge solids were safely disposed of or potentially even reused for agricultural purposes.
  • Minimal Disruption: The remote-controlled operation and confined dewatering process ensured minimal disruption to the sewage treatment plant’s daily operations.

By exceeding expectations and setting a new standard for sewage treatment plant management, Pinnacle Hire demonstrates the power of innovation and collaboration in tackling environmental challenges.

Pinnacle Hire Sludge Removal
Looking for Solutions for Your Sewage Treatment Needs?

This case study highlights the importance of efficient and sustainable solutions for sewage treatment plants.

Pinnacle Hire offers a comprehensive range of services to meet your specific needs, including:

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