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Are you looking to hire a bentonite pump, sewage pump, drilling mud pump, sewage bypass pump or sewage ejector pump?


Then you have come to the right place!

Pinnacle Hire is passionate about all things pumping and it is fair to say that Solids Handling Pumps are a specialty of ours.

We have both diesel powered, solids handling pumps and submersible pumps, specially designed for handling sewage, polymer, bentonite, trade waste and other aggressive and viscous fluids.


Bentonite and Polymer are often regarding as too difficult, to viscous (thick) or to specialist to pump and many average providers will steer away from these applications.  Thanks to our decades of experience in with these mediums and pumping them, we are only too happy to tackle these applications.

We have a range of diesel-powered pump sets, diaphragm pumps, slurry submersibles and peristaltic pumps for hire that are well suited the pumping of bentonite, polymer and drilling mud.


Sewage Bypass pump hire is also an area that some people fear, with one of the greatest issues being jamming or ‘ragging’.

 This is where our Selwood ‘S’ series pumps come into their own.  The Selwood S range are full vortex pumps with superior solids handling ability.  The S100 (4”) pump will pass 80mm (3”) solids and the S150 (6”) pump will pass 100mm (4”) solids, making them the obvious choice for reliable sewage bypass pumping.


Sewage Ejectxor Pumps are also commonly know as Submersible Cutter Pumps or Submersible Grinder Pumps.  We offer these for hire as individual units and also complete temporary sewage pumpstation hire, including a pit, control panel, etc.

These pumps and systems are used where the sewage is at a lower level than  the point of discharge at boundary.  They pump the sewage through a pipeline up to the point of discharge.  These pumps are typically fitted with a cutting or grinding mechanism to reduce the solids to very fine pumpable sludge.


Also including in our range is the GRACO 2” & 3” air-operated diaphragm pumps, which are fitted in sturdy rollframes, with approved centre lift points.

These air-operated double diaphragm pumps are commonly used for pumping Polymer for piling applications, dirty water and sludge in underground and tunnelling applications and high flow transfer of diesel and oils.