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Sediment removal Solution for Pond at Mining Site

This case study examines how Pinnacle Hire’s expertise in dewatering and sediment management helped a prominent Western Australian (WA) mining company overcome challenges associated with a large on-site sedimentation pond. The project highlights the importance of tailored solutions and innovative equipment in achieving efficient and safe dewatering operations within the mining industry.

Increased Safety

The remote operation setup ensured no personnel were exposed to risk-prone areas, significantly enhancing onsite safety.

Avoiding shutdowns

The system's high pump capacity reduced the overall project duration and allowed for continuous site operation, thereby avoiding the need for shutdowns.


By reducing manpower and leveraging the client's already existing resources, Pinnacle Hire minimized the project's mobilization and demobilization costs.

Project Overview

A prominent mining company in WA, faced significant challenges managing sedimentation in their expansive on-site pond. Measuring 126m by 126m with an average depth of 3m and a slurry volume of approximately 29,392m³, the need for an efficient and safe sediment removal process was crucial. Pinnacle Hire was requested to provide advanced sediment removal process solutions to manage and treat the sediment efficiently while minimizing operational disruptions.


The varying depth across the pond complicated the sediment removal process, requiring a flexible and adaptable equipment setup.

The large scale of the pond posed significant safety risks for onsite personnel, necessitating a system that could be operated remotely.

The client required a solution that would allow the pond and site to remain fully operational throughout the sediment removal process, avoiding costly shutdowns.

Remote-Controlled Dewatering Solutions for Mining Dredge


Pinnacle Hire deployed its radio-controlled pontoon system equipped with a high-capacity slurry pump, operated entirely from the shore. This innovative approach not only enhanced safety by eliminating the need for personnel to work on water or directly with the pontoon but also increased efficiency and reduced downtime

DRP120 Pontoon & EL604S Pump Package, 400Kva Diesel Generator, 2000L Diesel Fuel Cell and additional booster pumps.

The deployment was structured in three stages—installation and commissioning, operational phase with minimal onsite presence and a final phase focused on decommissioning and demobilization.

The pontoon system was able to pump approximately 450m³/h, significantly outperforming traditional methods which typically manage around 150m³/h.

How it works

Take a glimpse into the future of mining! This animation showcases our revolutionary DRP 120, a remote-controlled dredge designed to transform mining operations. See how this innovative technology increases efficiency and safety while keeping workers out of harm’s way. The DRP 120 boasts advanced features that will change the game for the mining industry. 

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