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SYKES CP150 Trailer Diesel Dewatering Pump



l/sec (MAX)


m head (MAX)


mm solids

Key Features:

  • Automatic self-priming: Saves time and effort, allowing for quick and easy pump startup.
  • Large solids handling capacity (77mm): Handles challenging fluids with debris and solids.
  • Corrosion-resistant stainless steel 316 internals: Ensures long-lasting performance in harsh environments.
  • High flow and head: Delivers up to 2,218 USgal/min at a maximum head of 148ft.
  • Perkins 404D-22T diesel engine: Provides reliable power and fuel efficiency.
  • Heavy-duty single-point lifting frame: Simplifies transport and positioning.
  • Single axle trailer for improved maneuverability: Ensures easy towing and site access.
  • Remote vacuum and pressure gauges: Offers convenient monitoring of pump performance.

SYKES CP150iC-255-YAKKA: A Heavy-Duty Pump for Tough Jobs

The SYKES CP150iC-255-YAKKA is a powerful and versatile diesel dewatering pump designed for handling demanding applications in various industries, including:


  • Construction & Civil: Dewatering trenches, foundations, basements, and floodwater.
  • Mining & Quarries: Mine dewatering, sump drainage, and process water transfer.
  • Rental: Offering reliable and portable pumping solutions for temporary needs.
  • Sewage & Waste Water: Handling raw sewage, sludge, and industrial wastewater.
  • Oil & Gas: Supporting operations with efficient and durable pumping.
  • Marine: Bilge pumping, barge dewatering, and offshore support.

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