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EVH MU02 Monitoring System


The EnviroHub MU02 offers:

  • Monitoring suitable for all water types
  • Monitoring of a wide range of parameters including pH, turbidity and flow
  • Transmits data to a live data portal
  • Sends text/email alerts about water condition, pre-empting or any breach of conditions
  • Sends commands to pumps or valves to turn off in the event of poor quality

The MU02 is designed to automate the process of water quality monitoring, that continuously records and reports the water quality past a certain point, most commonly at the discharge point. The data is then interpreted by our the CM01 Control Module, which transmits the data to the EnviroHub User Interface, where it is logged and presented to you in various formats. This highly effective package delivers maximum results and guarantee compliance, through the safe transmission and storage of data, while also providing a live warning alert system. Depending on how the system is set up, when a constraint is met, it will send control signals to activate a valve or switch a pump on/off, to save operatives needing to be on site, but always ensuring site’s compliance.

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