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Multi Media Filtration Unit (25 L/s)



(L/sec) Backwash flow rate


(L/sec) Nominal flow rate


L tanks with bunding
The MMF-25 offers:
  • Compact & Containerized Design: Easy transport and deployment thanks to the 20ft container.
  • Superior Iron & Heavy Metal Removal: DMI-65 media effectively tackles iron and heavy metals.
  • Automated Operation & Remote Monitoring: HMI touch screen and remote monitoring for simple operation and control.
  • Flexible Dosing & Treatment Options: Flow-paced dosing and multiple treated water usage options.

MMF Water Treatment Plant: Your Compact Solution for Rainwater Runoff Treatment

Tired of harmful iron and heavy metals contaminating your rainwater runoff?

Introducing the MMF Water Treatment Plant, your one-stop solution for treating stormwater and removing these unwanted elements.

Why Choose the MMF Water Treatment Plant?

  • Compact and Containerized: Our 20ft containerized design ensures easy transportation and deployment, making it ideal for various locations.
  • Superior Iron & Heavy Metal Removal: Equipped with DMI-65 media, a powerhouse for tackling iron and heavy metals present in runoff water.
  • Efficient Treatment: Handles flow rates up to 25 L/s, ensuring effective treatment for even significant rain events.
  • Automated Operation & Remote Monitoring: Simplify your operations with an HMI touch screen for on-site control, data logging, and fault logging. Remote monitoring capabilities allow for offsite management and troubleshooting.

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