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ELZ Mempak Sewage Treatment Plant



l/sec (MAX)


m head (MAX)


mm solids

Treatment train features:

  1. Primary screening using an automatic rotary drum screen
  2. Secondary treatment using a MLE biological process with a pre-anoxic stage
  3. Tertiary treatment featuring flat sheet MBR ultrafiltration modules
  4. UV Sterilisation for optional added disinfection
  5. Chlorine Dosing to provide residual disinfection.

Packaged in a 40ft container, the ELEMENTZ MemPAK is an advanced, self-monitoring, plug and play packaged sewage treatment system. Specifically designed to treat waste to Class A standards, the system uses a 5-stage treatment train featuring flat sheet MBR ultrafiltration at its core.

The brains of the ELEMENTZ system is the ACTIVAIT PLC, which is pre-programmed to manage your project specific needs, self-monitoring and adjusting for optimum performance, requiring minimal operator supervision. Full remote monitoring, system levels and operational data can be accessed and managed via the ACTIVAIT system on smartphone, PC or tablet.

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