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GRD Mega 6″ (150mm) Submersible Drainage Pump



mm Discharge connection


m head (MAX)


mm solids
The Grindex Mega offers:
  • Use of heavy duty materials on high wear components
  • Double mechanical shaft seals with oil compartment between the seals
  • Rugged construction requires minimal operator maintenance
  • Protection class: IP 68 waterproof rating
  • Submersion of up to 72m depth
  • Thermally protected 2.0 kW motor
  • Also available in H (High Head) with 4″ Discharge Connection / 198m Head (Max)

The Mega pump is designed to handle tough conditions experienced in mine, quarry and tunnel projects. Capable of operating with pH levels from 6 to 13, this pump is also suitable for heavy-duty applications in salt water. Designed for long time operation and are easy to install, the Mega is available in N (Normal head) and H (High head) versions.

The Grindex Mega is a high quality three-phase submersible drainage pump which is specifically designed for operation in deep excavations where very high head pumping is required.

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