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Generac V20 Hyper Y2 Mobile Light Tower


GENERAC V20 HYPER Y2 Mobile Light Tower

The V20 Hyper is a new mobile lighting tower equipped with 4 x 320W highly efficient floodlights. It provides more than 140 hours of run time and delivers one of the lowest sound pressure levels in the industry, only 58 dB(A) at 7m. The Generac features an innovative design providing easy setup with directional flexibility, including and 360o illumination.

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  • Innovative Digital Controller: Equipped with a GTL01 digital controller, the V20 HYPER is designed for easy operation, managing every function of the light tower with ease.
  • Exceptional Accessibility: Features three doors for comprehensive access. Two compass-top doors with a unique “wing” shape provide full access to the engine for safe and easy maintenance, and a back door offers access to the digital control panel.
  • Highly Efficient Lighting: Boasts 4 x 320W highly efficient floodlights, providing over 140 hours of runtime and delivering one of the industry’s lowest sound pressure levels at only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters.
  • Omnia® LED Technology: The exclusive Hyper version features Omnia® LED Technology, enabling 360° illumination. The floodlights can be pointed in any direction and are available with anti-glare options.
  • Lowest Noise Level in Industry: With a focus on innovation, the V20 light tower emits only 58 dB(A) at 7 meters, ensuring minimal noise disruption.
  • Long Running Time: Thanks to fuel-saving features such as a small engine and LED lamps, the V20 HYPER can operate up to 143 hours without refueling.
  • Double Power Feature: Allows the connection of one V20 HYPER to another, enabling two lighting towers to run with just one engine.
  • Multi-directional Lighting System: The tower’s design provides easy setup with directional flexibility, including 360° illumination.
  • Robust Specifications: Model V20 HYPER Y2 comes with Yanmar 2TNV-70 engine, hydraulic lifting system, 340° mast rotation, and a total lumen output of 184,000 Lm. It covers an illuminated area of 4500 m².
  • Sturdy and Weather-Resistant: Has a dry weight of 1030 kg, wind speed resistance of 110 km/h, and features liquid containment (110%).
  • Efficient Energy Use: Equipped with a 3.5/230/50 – 4.2/240/60 kVA/V/Hz alternator and a 16/230/50 – 16/240/60 A/V/Hz inlet plug.
  • Large Capacity Tank: Comes with a 100-liter tank, ensuring extended use without the need for frequent refueling.

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