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FTS 30kL Sediment & Bulk Water Tanks



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The Fortress 30kl Sediment Tank offers:
  • Tank baffles help trap and encourage sediment to settle at tank bottom
  • Incorporated sludge valves allow easy draining of collected sludge from the tank
  • Engineered lifting points for safe lifting and positioning
  • Rugged construction requires minimal operator maintenance
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia to quality standards

Fortress sediment tanks from Pinnacle Hire are custom engineered and manufactured in Australia in order to meet the specific requirements and rigours of Construction, Quarry and Mining industries.

These tanks are ideal for applications where sediment laden water is being pumped from a site which requires cleaning prior to discharge. The untreated water is pumped through the baffled Fortress sediment tank at a retention rate of 1 hour. The internal baffles provide separation by trapping and dropping the sediment to the bottom of the tank, so the resulting cleaned water can be discharged from the top outlet of the tank.

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