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FLT N-Series Non-clog Submersible Pump



m Submersion (MAX)


m head (MAX)


kg/m3 Liquid density
The Flygt N 3127 offers:
  • Adaptive self-cleaning N-impeller that can move axially to allow passage of large solids
  • Trickle impregnated in resin (Class H insulation), stator windings are rated at 180°C
  • Tested and approved in accordance with international standards, including 60034-1 & CSA
  • The Griploc™ system with two sets of mechanical shaft seals to provide leakage security
  • Durable bearings provide a minimum service life of 50,000 hours
  • Thermal sensors embedded in the stator windings prevent overheating
  • The motor has a NEMA Class B maximum operating temperature rise of 80°C

The Flygt N 3127 is a powerful submersible three-phase cast iron wastewater pump. Equipped with  highly durable components the Flygt N 3127 is built the handle the toughest loads. The grey cast iron adaptive impeller is designed to handle fluids with high concentrations of fibrous material, whilst maintaining a high level of pumping efficiency over long duty periods.

The patented self cleaning semi-open channel impeller, makes the N-Series 3127 ideal for drainage of wastewater, sludge and raw water. Suitable for use across civil engineering, construction, flood management, infrastructure and quarries applications.

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