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EVH HL40 Lamella Plate Settlement Tank



m2 capacity (MAX)

The EnviroHub HL40 offers:

  • Discharge ports for sludge and water
  • Removable Lamella plates for easy cleaning
  • Tapered sludge tank for fast effective sludge removal
  • Provision for additional monitoring control to report on final water quality
  • Flocculant cages built into inlet for basic water treatment
  • Unlimited process time without complete washout

The HL40 is a highly effective way of ensuring that environmental pollution concerns of high suspended solids in water are safely met from activity such as groundwork dewatering and silt laden wash water. This ensures compliance with authorities such as the Environment Agency and Water boards site water standards requirements. Typically used with 4” and 6” pumps, the HL20 has an effective settling area is 40m2, however, with rapidly settling solids or when introducing a flocculent, the flow rate can be increase due to faster settlement. The maximum flow for this tank is 40m3/hr.

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