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ELZ Potable Treatment Plant



l/sec (MAX)


m head (MAX)


mm solids

Treatment train features (*dependent on water source):

  1. Primary automatic screening for large particle removal
  2. Lamella clarifiers for sediment removal
  3. Multi-media filters
  4. Granular Activated Carbon for removal of taste and odour
  5. Ultrafiltration membranes for fine particulate removal
  6. Reverse Osmosis membranes for removal of salts and metals
  7. Calcite media for remineralisation
  8. UV Sterilisation for added disinfection
  9. Chlorine Dosing to provide a residual disinfection
The ELEMENTZ Potable Plant is an advanced, self-monitoring, plug and play packaged potable treatment system. Specifically designed to treat brackish water, rainwater, stormwater or river water to potable standards using a multi-stage treatment train featuring proven treatment technologies. The ELEMENTZ Potable system is engineered to provide high quality drinking water and is scalable to handle flows of up to 5MGL/day.Plant management is constantly at hand via our user friendly ACTIVAIT PLC interface system. With ability to remotely enable/disable, manually override and reset faults, you are totally in control 24/

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