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EagleFloc – Flocculants Water Treatment



kg each
Commonly used across an array of industries, including:
  • Civil Construction & Infrastructure Sites, Wetlands & Dams, Mines & Quarries
Product benefits:
  • Easy to transport & handle
  • Simple to install
  • Environmentally safe
  • Proven to significantly reduce silts & suspended particles
  • Low cost option for a multitude of applications
  • Safe disposal of spent packaging

EagleFloc – Flocculants Water Treatment

The EAGLE-FLOC Flocculants are formulated and manufactured in Australia and available exclusively from Pinnacle Hire. They’re specifically designed to provide an easy solution to apply flocculant to turbid water requiring clarification, reducing silt and suspended particles.

These products are commonly installed in a mesh cage, allowing the water to flow continuously over them with discharge to a holding pond, or alternatively installed directly prior to clarification.

Synthetic polymers (polyelectrolytes), used for mechanical treatment of water from suspended and colloidal particles.

Flocculants – increase the size of flocs formed during coagulation, and agglomeration of suspended particles for their mechanical removal

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