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EVH CM01 Control Module


The EnviroHub Control Module Inputs:

  • 2 x pH probes, 1 x Turbidity probe
  • 1 x Flow meter, 1 x Temperature
  • GPS positioning
  • 8 x multipurpose, such as float switches etc

The EnviroHub Control Module Outputs:

  • 8 x multipurpose, such as valve or pump control etc
  • Runs on 415, 230, 110 or 12v power supply
  • The telemetry gateway provides long-range capability for data transmission
  • Alert text or email when system is approaching or in breach of set parameters

Our miniaturised EnviroHub Control Module can be programmed for a large array of water monitoring and control purposes. It’s capable of returning data to central EnviroHub servers, providing ready access to site specific activity, performance and logs. So, you get all the advantages of real time reports, alerts and insight of what’s happening on your site, totally remotely. The compact Control Module has a waterproof enclosure, at only 230 x 190 x 80mm.

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