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Chemical Coagulants


Types of Coagulants We Offer:

We offer a range of effective coagulants to suit your specific needs, including:

  • Aluminum Sulfate (Alum): The most widely used coagulant, known for its efficiency and affordability.
  • Ferric Sulfate: Often used in conjunction with alum, ferric sulfate can produce denser flocs and is effective for removing certain contaminants.
  • Polyaluminum Chloride (PAC): A more advanced coagulant offering faster settling times and improved performance in cold water.

Chemical coagulants are essential components in water treatment processes. They work by destabilizing the charges of suspended particles, causing them to clump together and form larger flocs. These flocs then settle out of the water or are easily removed through filtration, resulting in clearer and cleaner water.

Benefits of Using Chemical Coagulants:

  • Improved clarity: Coagulants effectively remove suspended solids like clay, silt, and organic matter, resulting in significantly clearer water.
  • Enhanced filtration: Flocs formed by coagulation improve the efficiency of filtration systems, allowing for better removal of unwanted particles.
  • Reduced microorganisms: Coagulation can also remove some bacteria and viruses trapped within the flocs, contributing to improved water quality.
  • Versatility: Our selection of coagulants caters to various water sources and treatment requirements.

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