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OrbSolarTM is a patented water quality improvement device designed in Australia to mitigate and manage blue-green algae development in lagoons, dams and reservoirs.

Engineered by MBR Technologies, this unique product has been proven to be highly successful in reducing blue-green algae, even in deep water reservoirs. Key to the success of the OrbSolar is its self-powering capability, solar powered during daylight hours and rechargeable battery powered by night, the OrbSolar offers continuous, quiet and effective operation.

Pinnacle is the exclusive Hire provider of the OrbSolar brand across Australia, offering customers the opportunity to mitigate against the development of blue-green algae at key times of the years, or to support other anti-algae strategies.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 standards, the patented Orb Solar Mixer provides a unique solution for a range of applications and industries. Offered with full maintenance support.

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