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The DominatorTM brand of Fire Pumps and Tanks are well established in the Australian market, with over 25 years in the industry and with thousands of successful installations.

Using powerful diesel engines, Dominator pumpsets are regularly specified for demanding high-rise or industrial applications. Dominator Panel Tanks are available in a range of convenient sizes and proportions and can be installed quickly using Dominator’s rapid hoist system. Importantly, the Dominator brand has become synonymise with robust construction and reliable performance, making them the idea product choice within a hire environment. Pinnacle is proud to have Dominator on board as our exclusive premier Fire Pump and Tank provider.

Designed and built in Australia by AKS Industries under ISO 9001 manufacturing standards, Dominator pumpsets and tanks are fully compliant with all the relevant Australian fire standards. In addition, because AKS Industries is a local provider, maintenance is made simple with easy access to parts and servicing.

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