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Aggressor Pumps

Aggressor is Pinnacles very own brand of pumps and accessories, manufactured for us by a select group of international providers.

Covering the a wide range of pumps types, Aggressor models include compact sewage pumps right through to large high head dewatering pumps. We also offer a range of compact sewage pump stations ideal of use on building sites, for infrastructure projects, or in emergency response scenarios.

All Aggressor Pumps are manufactured to meet ISO 9001 standards and designed with environmentally friendliness in mind. As the name suggests, Aggressor Pumps are built tough, with long-term reliability a core brand characteristic.

Proudly available through Pinnacle Hire across Australia, Aggressor Pumps provide incredibly outstanding performance, even in the harshest of environments. They are ideal in a range of industries including:

  • Quarry sites
  • Mining development sites
  • Construction sites

Designed and manufactured to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards, Aggressor Pumps and Equipment provide outstanding value.

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