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Pinnacle Hire Introduces the BA500G D675 High Flow Pump

Pinnacle Hire Introduces the BA500G D675 High Flow Pump

The new BA500G D675 high-flow pump sets a benchmark in the field of industrial high flow pumps with its exceptional capacity and efficiency.

BA500G D675: Pinnacle Hire’s New High-Flow Dewatering Pump

Pinnacle Hire, Australia’s leading provider of advanced dewatering solutions, proudly announces its latest fleet addition, the BA500G D675 high flow dewatering pump. Engineered for large capacity water transfer, this pump is an ideal choice for applications ranging from mining and irrigation to municipal water management and flood control.

Robust High Flow Pump for Demanding Environments

The BA500G D675 is a powerhouse among industrial high flow pumps, featuring a robust diesel engine and an advanced mechanical priming system, which positions it as a high flow centrifugal pump of choice for demanding environments. Its high flow rate pumps can handle up to 4500 m³/hour, making it a perfect fit for heavy-duty applications like high flow firefighting pumps and high flow pumps for flood control.

Versatile and Durable: High-Volume Water Pump

This model is not only a high-volume water pump but also boasts features such as corrosion-resistant components and a variable speed drive, enhancing its operational flexibility and durability in harsh conditions. The inclusion of a Volvo Penta engine ensures that the BA500G D675 operates as a high-efficiency high flow pump, reducing fuel consumption and minimizing environmental impact.

Pinnacle Hire’s commitment to providing top-tier equipment is reflected in the addition of the BA500G D675, which not only meets but exceeds industry standards for efficiency and environmental safety. The pump’s variable speed capabilities allow for precise control, optimizing performance while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

Your Partner for Advanced Water Solutions

Pinnacle Hire is a dynamic equipment hire company that specializes in providing advanced dewatering, pumping and water treatment solutions to the infrastructure, civil construction and mining sectors. Known for our rapid response and advanced technology, we offer tailored solutions with our fleet of portable dewatering pumps and other specialized equipment, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Learn more about the advanced features of high-flow pumps on BBA Pumps’ website.

To learn more about the BA500G D675 and how it can support your next project, or to view our full range of dewatering and pumping solutions. Our team is ready to assist you with expert advice and support.