We’re committed to safety from every angle

Responsible Onsite Safety

Always keeping it safe

Onsite safety is paramount and at Pinnacle we go above and beyond to ensure we follow all onsite guidelines and safety instructions following induction.

Our experienced team members are well versed in standard safety procedures and always wear appropriate high visibility safety clothing, appropriate safety footwear and use other safety equipment when applicable.

Pinnacle Management and Staff:

  • Are well versed in Safety Regulations and Procedures
  • Ensure we follow all onsite guidelines and instructions following site induction
  • Always use appropriate safety clothing, footwear and equipment
Covid safe measures

Pinnacle and its staff remain constantly aware and vigilant about changes in coronavirus rules, regulations and mitigation procedures.

We have a comprehensive inhouse Covid Plan in place, however should your organisation or site and specific requirements, please let us know in advance of us visiting your location to ensure we are adequately prepared.

Pinnacle Management and Staff:

  • Understand and adhere to the Pinnacle Covid Safety Plan
  • Remain aware and vigilant about coronavirus mitigation rules
  • Are willing and able to adhere to your site specific Covid Rules

With heightened concern about climate change it’s important to minimise the environmental impact of our development activities.

Pinnacle believes that safety, durability and practical design are the fundamentals of good site equipment.

Our motto is the offer you ‘higher levels of expertise’, not just provide you world-class equipment.



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