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Providing you 'higher levels of expertise'...

Our promise to you, is to deliver you the very best: the best advice, the best products and of course the best service. Pinnacle brings the collective knowledge of its highly experienced team to every project. In fact, our motto is the offer you ‘higher levels of expertise’, not just to provide excellent equipment.

We also fully understand the dynamic nature of your Industry, the daily pressures and the high standards required to get the job done safety, securely and effectively. So, we leave no stone unturned to provide you the most ‘fit for purpose’ solution for each and every project, no matter how large or small.

We’ve also build strong relationships with our nationally and internationally recognised equipment suppliers, allowing us to offer you the very cream of crop.

And when your equipment arrives on site we are there every step of the way, with full support and backup to help you meet your project goals.

So when you are looking for a hire provider who has got you covered from every angle, talk to Pinnacle Hire.

Expert advice

We offer you 'higher levels of expertise' with industry specific advice helping you get the job done in the most efficient way.

Hitech telemetry

Pinnacle uses state-of-the-art telemetry to manage usage and track the location of equipment.

Great selection of equipment

Pinnacle offers a wide range of high quality, pumping and water specific treatment and storage solutions.

We back you every step of the way with a full service and support team.

World class brands

We've built strong connections with internationally recognised brands and providers.

Inhouse maintenance

Our inhouse maintenance team provide you the reassurance you need on critical projects.

Get special offers and first access to new equipment

We promise not to bombard you with marketing...

    Industries We Service


    Pinnacle Hire looks to support the civil construction industry by providing the very latest water storage, pumping and treatment systems to help keep projects on track…


    With global demand for resources expected to remain strong, Pinnacle Hire offers its water treatment, storage and management expertise to this highly important industry…


    The Municipal sector carriers an important responsibility by managing the water supply and sewerage system, Pinnacle is here to provide reassuring backup services to the sector…