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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a performance curve?

The pump’s input power is the pump’s power requirement under the present operating conditions. The rated motor output, including the operating factor, must be equal to or greater than the pump’s power requirement. If the pump’s power requirement is greater than the rated output of the motor, the motor is drawing more current than intended. This leads to overheating of the motor and will potentially damage it.

Do you have a maintenance issue?

If you are running Pinnacle equipment onsite right now and you have a maintenance issue that needs addressing, please contact the Support Manager to evaluate the issue. The Support Manager will then ensure your problem is resolved as quickly as possible.

What is a containerised sewage treatment plant?

A containerised sewage treatment plant is a complete (or packaged) system designed within a shipping container to treat sewage within the plant and discharge it from the plant at a specified reuse standard.

What is a containerised potable treatment plant?

A containerised potable treatment plant is a complete (or packaged) system designed within a shipping container to treat brackish water, rainwater, stormwater or river water to potable (drinking water) standards.

What is a containerised portable storage tank?

A containerised portable storage tank is a water tank designed within a shipping container to provide emergency or site-based water storage. These tanks can be optioned with a pump and standpipe to provide a filing station.

How can I pay for my purchases?

Pinnacle Hire offers 30day Credit Accounts to approved customers. To gain a Credit Account you need to complete the appropriate application form and have it approved, this usually takes about 7 working days. Otherwise, Pinnacle is happy to receive payment via direct bank transfer or via credit card, please note that a small surcharge is payable when paying via credit card. Request a Credit Account Application Form by emailing hire@pinnaclehire.com.au