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EnviroHub – a New Level of Advanced Remote Control for Water Treatment

Our EnviroHub products are used across the Construction, Quarry, Mining and Municipal sectors to monitor, treat, and report on water quality, allowing fast and effective responses to changing conditions and circumstances.
Maintaining Higher Standards

With sites required to provide proof of safe water disposal, and water quality checks by the EPA, a robust monitoring system plays a vital role in fulfilling your water management responsibilities. That’s where EnviroHub from Pinnacle Hire comes into its own. This state of- the-art modular system, treats, monitors, and reports on your water quality in a continual and seamless way.

No matter where you are, you can keep tabs on project, monitoring performance and adjusting levels

Interconnecting Products

Our EnviroHub range includes lamella clarifiers, concrete washout and settlement tanks, correction and treatment tanks, as well as dosing systems. While these components can be used independently, they are innovatively designed in a modular fashion to allow easy interconnection or system expansion, with a central controller providing online monitoring and control.

Part of Pinnacles EagleEye Program

The EnviroHub Control Module forms part of our EagleEye suite of advanced technologies, connecting and securing your site systems to ensure they continue to operate with maximum uptime and efficiency. Giving you, ‘peace of mind in the palm of your hand’, EagleEye allows you to stay in control of your projects, no matter where you are!

Higher Levels of Expertise

We pride ourselves in providing, ‘fit for purpose solutions’ for every treatment and pumping challenge. In addition, our highly trained, professional, and committed staff offer industry specific advice and considerable product knowledge to ensure you can get access to the most appropriate equipment, when and where you need it.


For more information about EnviroHub products talk to a Pinnacle Hire specialist by calling 1300 447 392.

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