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Drilling Mud – Case Study


Our client was operating a large Horizontal Direction Drilling machine and needed to pump the drilling return mud from the entrance pit, back up to the reclaimer, so it could be cleaned and returned back to the drill rig for re-use.

The standard 6” compressor-prime pumpset had an impressive performance curve and by the book should have done it with ease.  However due to the fact the pump was a standard centrifugal pump with a screw style impeller, although it would handle some solids it could not cope with the viscosity of the drilling mud and as a result only a very low volume was coming out at the screen end, holding up the entire process.


We supplied the Selwood S150 solids pump and the client although initially dubious as to the capability of the pumpset, was quickly won round and ‘blown away’ with its’ performance.

This was due to the fact that the S150 is an auto-priming, full vortex pump, where the impeller is not in the main fluid path, but recessed to the back of the volute.

The pump handled the drilling mud with ease, allowing them to get the project back on schedule.

Needless to say the result was another happy client!

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